Investment in renewable energy

Feasibility study for civil and industrial systems, cost / benefit analysis on the different types of investment (solar, photovoltaic, biomass)

Closed Real Estate Funds in Development

Arcadia is steady partner of Sgr qualified in the establishment and operation of Closed Real Estate Funds in Development. The role of Arcadia is strategically throughout the process on the analysis of key business and assets to be evaluated according to the Fund which is believed to be useful.

Business Plan & Turnaround Project - BTP -

Arcadia supports the customer throughout the design and implementation of a strategic rather than a BP Turnaround, providing the chain of relationships and contacts integrated in order to speed up the process.

Financial Analysis

Arcadia shall provide the associations and companies to "Tic-Test" (True Interest Cost) was designed specifically to constantly monitor the financial cost of debt in all its forms of commitment. In this sense, Arcadia is able to provide a cash-Rating by which the Company and / or the Association is able to optimize the financial costs re negotiating the contract with the banking system.