Arcadia was founded in 1997 combined experience of Tiziana Negri Bonetti and Roberto Greco in the management of all business issues related to private market (companies, business families, foundations, associations) and public (municipalities, foundations, institutions); is therefore qualified company management consulting in all key areas of the company and of the organized structures of public service.

The business philosophy is to offer services and practical solutions for the Enterprise, the Family business, municipalities and public institutions in general, able to respond effectively in a short time in the management of strategic assets and financial resources and assets, providing managerial support and management-consulting vital segments of the life of enterprise as the public operator.

Arcadia has the know-how needed to implement industrial investment plans with direct assistance to the start-up as well as to the evolutionary (Turnaround) as well as develop business plan articulated and complete financial flows, in the logic of sparring partner of the property.

It’s influential partner in assisting public agencies in managing the company's assets in order to address ie properly manage the constraints of the general rules of the Stability and resource management.

Camerale Arcadia (pdf)